Law blog basics: The number of blogs required to launch legislation blog?

The number of posts are necessary to launch legislation blog? One. And I’m serious.

A lot of lawyers and lawyers take all of the fun from blogging before they can get began by focusing on a number of blogs before they place their law blog live.

You are aware how hard it’s to sit down lower and pen 4 or 5 articles? It isn’t fun – not really for 3 or 4 lawyers pooling their efforts.

Legislation blog isn’t like penning articles, your blog could be an enjoyable experience.

You’re able to place your ideas and insight available, live on the web. Regardless of what anybody states, sitting lower in the keyboard after which pushing the publish button the very first time is definitely an adrenalin hurry. Just a little angst, but many of excitement. read more

Law blog basics : Don’t publicize launch of blog

You do not publicize the launch of the law blog how you may announce other law practice news.

Beginning legislation blog is similar to starting to network offline by heading out and interesting your audience to construct a reputation and nurture relationships. You’re just doing all of your networking on the web having a blog.

Imagine delivering out an announcement that the lawyer or number of lawyers inside your firm would start networking to obtain work. You realize, likely to chamber of commerce and industry occasions. read more