Blogging for learning as well as networking for legal tech entrepreneurs

Spending four days now at AALL (American Association of Law Libraries) I had been amazed by the quantity of legal tech driving what the law states. I had been also struck again by legal tech companies failure to make use of Internet engagement to understand, to collaborate along with other legal tech companies and also to get known.

Legal tech entrepreneurs don’t appear to make use of the internet to talk about their ideas on what they’re following in tech, to interact other legal tech folks, to talk about what they’re focusing on in order to learn and obtain feedback in order to get known.

It’s just a little odd since a lot of we’ve got the technology driving legal technologies are free. Lots of legal tech is driven and based on the collaboration of free tech communities regularly discussing, networking and online learning.

It is also odd in that many legal tech information mill starved for attention. They’ve got awesome stuff of worth to companies and lawyers. They simply don’t get heard of all the noise and wrongly think it’s likely to take money for ads, booths, PR and marketing.

I’ve adopted many people share freely online the things they were learning and just what these were focusing on. The end result was their getting known, being reliable being an leader in the industry and becoming business.

I had been one of these. I did not possess a clue what blogs were nor we’ve got the technology they ran on – software, machines for hosting – and much more. I adopted smart people on the internet and shared the things they stated and authored together with my undertake my blog, Twitter along with other social networking.

I learned in what I just read and in the network which i increased. The network in switched spoken about me and just what I shared. My opportunity and that i got known, reliable so we got business. Plus i got smarter from just formulating my ideas in what I just read and blogged – “you have no idea that which you know before you blog it.”

I spoken to 1 legal tech entrepreneur at AALL about the thought of a legitimate tech network of blogs, a lot like what the law states School Blog Community we began early this season. Everybody will get their very own blog and the advantage of LexBlog’s WordPress platform for that law (seven turnkey elements), including coaching, visibility along with a network site of curated legal tech posts.

I pointed out it to a different legal tech entrepreneur online today. Both appeared interested. Instead of free, just like schools, we’d most likely charge something around $50 monthly to help keep it affordable.

Legal tech is crucial. As Erectile dysfunction Walters, the Chief executive officer of Fastcase, stated at AALL, “software will drive use of justice and use of legal services.” It’s not really people alone.

We have to help legal tech companies get good at the things they’re doing, collaborate with one another (for learning and integrating solutions where it seems sensible), to obtain known so that they have customers utilize good legal technology, to create legal services readily available and to earn money in order to fuel more growth and development.

I believe publishing/blogging might help.

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